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AGE: 28
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CHARACTER NAME: Apollo Justice
CANON: Ace Attorney
ALIAS: Horn Head
OCCUPATION: Teacher - but also a Pro. Yep.
PERSONALITY: Apollo has a bravado and confidence in himself that is counter-acted by the fact that he is so obviously uncertain of himself when put in the spotlight - he usually behaves in a very self-assured manner, but the moment he’s put under pressure he reveals his true, self-doubting nature. This is something he tries his hardest to hide at all times, to mostly inadequate effect. When the nerves hit him hardest, he will put up his front more solidly than ever, after practicing his Chords of Steel for a few hours in the morning, which only leaves him sounding raspy and more ill-prepared than he already was. Basically, you can tell when Apollo is nervous because he starts to yell louder and gets so lost in his own thoughts afterward that it’s difficult to tell why exactly he was yelling to begin with.

While he has the highest respect for people older and more experienced than he is, if someone gives him a reason to doubt them, he has a tendency to drop all pretenses of respect instantly. For example, Apollo had idolized Phoenix Wright, but upon discovering that Phoenix had manipulated him into using forged evidence Apollo wasted no time in punching the older man and proceeded to treat him in a sarcastic, teasing manner for the rest of his story, despite Phoenix becoming his mentor of a sort.

Apollo is actually a very vain person and puts a lot of effort into his appearance. It’s one of the things that gives him so much confidence in himself. When he’s looking good, he feels good, and he performs better. So he is a very cleanly person, at least where his own person is concerned, and judges people who don’t take care of themselves as well as he takes care of himself. Once again, the way he thinks about Phoenix is another good example of this.

At heart, Apollo is a very trusting, stubborn, self-driven person. He always believes in his clients 100% and is very devoted to discovering the truth behind every case that presents itself to him. The truth is very important to him, and while he may not go to any length to find it, he is more than willing to dig as hard as he can to pull it out.

There are a few more small points of interest to Apollo’s personality. Firstly, he is passionate about his work. He believes in justice whole-heartedly, hence his name. And he will always be happy to pursue it. He loves being a defense attorney. Secondly, he is not so great with technology. He doesn’t use computers much and he doesn’t drive either, preferring to bike.

Lastly, linking in with the previous point, Apollo is something of an old-soul fuddy-duddy. He gets flustered at the mentions of anything inappropriate (ie ‘panties’) and he doesn’t care for loud environments or rock’n’roll music. And he doesn’t really understand a lot of people who are actually around his own age, falling in with a much older crowd as to his tastes. Of course, that just makes him all the easier to pick on and all the more entertaining for those around him.

- Orphaned at a young age.
- Raised by a man who turned out to be part of a villain organization.
- Has always taken his surname "Justice" very seriously.
- Ran away from home when he was still in high school.
- Has been on his own ever since.
- Was planning to go to school to become a lawyer before The Incident happened.
- The Incident being when he witnessed an attack by a villain and managed to pinpoint the shapeshifter using his quirk.
- Spent a lot of the last years of his high school career heading to the police station to pinpoint guilty suspects for them.
- Wound up recruited by a hero agency that happened to be at the station during one of his sessions.
- Was given his alias and has fought hard against it ever since, which is not working out for him.
- Got brought on at UA to teach critical thinking to up-and-coming heroes in the hopes of giving them the basis for being able to pick out criminals based on their stance, gestures, etc. in crowds of people.
QUIRK: Perceive - Apollo's quirk allows him to pick up on the fact that somebody is feeling uncomfortable or tense and focus in on their nervous tics. Essentially how it works is that when a person becomes tense around Apollo, his body picks up on that tenseness which then sends his vision into overdrive, allowing him to hyper-focus on a person's face, hands, etc. and see even the smallest of non-verbal tics, from sweating to twitches to fiddling with something. At that point, it is simply his brains that let him deduce why that particular tic is occurring and how to bring out the truth from the person in question.

I would like to note that many believe that his quirk is actually Chords of Steel and that he is basically a less effective version of Present Mic, since Apollo spends a lot of time yelling at his enemies and even does vocal practices both before and during missions. The Chords of Steel are just Apollo's vocal practices, though, and usually a coverup for his nerves.
COSTUME: Apollo's costume is very simple. Red pants, red jacket, red cloth mask. And his trademark horns, of course. Which is to say... his hair...

“Almost… got it…”

Apollo’s eyes were fixed on the mirror before him. He was just finishing up his morning routine in the bathroom, which meant that he was applying gel to his hair in copious amounts and making sure that his prongs were sticking up just right. His eyebrows were furrowed in concentration and his tongue peeked out just a little bit as he put the last bit of gel into his hair and then carefully stroked his prongs, making sure they were solidly in place.

“There!” As Apollo was about to congratulate himself on a job well done, he heard the screech of a car outside his window and startled, causing his hand to slip on his still-drying hair, sending it awry of his careful placement.

Letting out a distressed sound, Apollo stormed to the open window and poked his head out. “Could you keep it down out there?!” He yelled. Of course, most of the neighborhood had probably gotten sick of his yelling by this point, since he had a tendency to practice his Chords of Steel every morning without fail.

Upon seeing the wreckage outside of the window, though, and the villain running away from the scene, Apollo turned his eyes back to the mirror in abject horror. His hair was a mess and the bad guy was getting away!

“Guess it'll have to wait this time!" His hands were already slipping on his mask and his feet rushing him out the door. As he locked up behind himself, he tried desperately to prop up his wilting prongs. "Hang in there!! Here comes Justice!"


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